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Old But Gold

These days, soooo many new dramas and movies are flowing in idek where to begin with some 👻😖
I thought I'd dedicate this post to the oldies~~
They might have bad quality, the acting might be a bit off, the fashion... lmao, might be at its worst. But!!!! These dramas are still so good and even beats some of the new ones!

Gokusen (2002) Gokusen is a classic. It's very old actually and I didn't see it until like 2014, but I loved it! It's about the worst boy class in school, no teacher can handle these boys, until a new teacher who's a bit different, takes care of them and actually survives lmao.

The Queen's Classroom (2005) Another masterpiece. It's a pretty simple drama. We have a teacher who has a little bit of special teaching methods. She starts to work in an elementary school and is very strict with many things. You might hate her in the beginning, but honestly she is a very good teacher, even if it's hard to see that on the outside. There's even…

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